What phone should I buy

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CompanionLink doesn't recommend one phone over another. What one person thinks is most useful may differ from someone else. Here are some things to consider:

1. Features, battery life, and apps. New phones include iPhone, Palm Pre and Android devices. These have more leading edge features, larger screens, media capabilities, and modern apps that run on the phone. These features tend to use more battery.

Older phones include Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. The operating systems have not significantly changed in years. Older phones have lower battery consumption as compared to newer phones.

2. Compatibility with your prior phone. If you have many years of data on your phone, be prepared to leave that behind. CompanionLink offers Contacts and Calendar compatibility with nearly all phones. For Android, Pre and iPhone, CompanionLink custom apps to provide Tasks and Notes capabilities that are similar to older phones.

Few modern phones will handle schedule items prior to 2007.

3. CompanionLink will add features to any phone you purchase. Nearly all phones are sold with a 30 day guarantee. If you don't like your phone, return it and choose another. Rest assured that CompanionLink will work with all models of phones.

Your best decision in selecting a phone is to visit your carrier's store to try it out. Research the phone's features and make sure they match your expectations.