WEBOS - Palm Pre Accounts - how to set default

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Palm Pre uses "Accounts" to designate data to sync.

For CompanionLink, only data in the CL USB Sync Account will sync using CompanionLink. Data in Palm Profile or any other Account will sync only to software by that vendor. This is Palm design and as an approved vendor we must follow it.

Here is how you can change your default for the Account.

Here is a method to change your default Account so that new Contact and Calendar entries will be synchronized.

1. Open Contacts on the webOS device

2. In the upper left-hand corner, click the word "Contacts"

3. Select Preferences and Accounts

4. Find Default Account

5. Tap on the Default Account, then change it to the Account you want to synchronize.

For Calendar, do these same steps.

Note: If the default account is set to Palm Profile, any data entered into the device to that point will not be able to transfer. Palm Profile is backed up on Palm's servers.