Using CompanionLink With Terminal Servers

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CompanionLink works great on Terminal Services!

Log into your Terminal Services Client. Once logged into the client, load CompanionLink on the same computer as your data source. For example, if you have Microsoft Outlook, GoldMine, or Act! on the Server, CompanionLink on the Server can synchronize.

You can synchronize to data destinations that are available to the Server.

  • Web destinations like Salesforce CRM or Google
  • DejaCloud and CL Secure Hosted Wireless
  • Local Wi-Fi sync, provided you have access to a common hub with the Server (i.e., you are in the same office). If you are in a remote office, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync will not work because the signals only carry a short distance.

CompanionLink is available as a 14-day trial so you can test with Terminal Services to see if it will work for you.