Troubleshooting DejaHub for BlackBerry 10

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Below is a list of common Questions and Answers regarding the use of DejaHub for BlackBerry 10.

Q: My sync stops at 50% and doesn’t move for hours?
A: Please follow these steps to make sure the sync is configured correctly:
1. Make sure that in BB10 settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions > DejaHub > Shared Files = On
2. Start with the phone disconnected and press sync in the DejaHub App - Sync should stop at %50 and instruct you to connect to the pc
3. Open CompanionLink (make sure that the settings menu is closed when you want to sync)
4. Connect your BB10 to the pc using a usb cable
5. Enter your password in the BlackBerry Device manager Window - If you don't see this window, then open BlackBerry Link and enter your password in the tab at the bottom

Q: My sync completes instantly and no records are transferred?
A: Please make sure that in BB10 settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions > DejaHub > Shared Files = On

Q: How do I wipe all of the records I have synced to my BB10?
A: DejaHub has a feature for erasing records from the BB10. First, please make a backup of your Outlook data. In DejaHub Settings (on the BB10), tap Wipe All Data. Next, select which record type(s) you want to wipe then tap Wipe. Then type WIPE in the box and tap OK. The BB10 operating system is slow at deleting records; erasing large data sets will take a while but you will see a bar showing progress.

Q: I am getting duplicate records after my sync?
A: Please go to your BB10 Settings > Accounts. You will want to examine these accounts and look to see if they are setup to sync with contacts and calendars. If they are, this can be the source of the duplication and we recommend disabling the contact and calendar sync options for these accounts. If you see an email address with either "calendar" and/or "contacts" listed below it, you will want to delete this email account and then re-add it with only the email option slid to the on position. Also, please make sure that BlackBerry Link is not setup to sync contacts and calendar. To do this, plug your phone into the PC by USB cable and enter your password into BB Link if required. Now click the gear in the upper right hand corner then click the Import Contacts/Calendar button in the left side of the screen. Here make sure that contacts and calendar are unchecked.

Q: Why is my sync taking so long?
A: It is normal for the initial sync to take a while depending on the number of records. Due to the way the BB10 operating system handles writing to and deleting from their contact app, we have found that syncing 1,000 records from Outlook to the BB10 takes approximately 25 minutes.

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