Syncing to Google without using OAuth

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Note: As of May 26, 2015 Google is no longer supporting ClientLogin.

OAuth is now required. Please use the OAuth setting for Google Sync.

By default CompanionLink Software recommends using OAuth to authenticate with Google servers. Open Authorization (OAuth) is a more secure way of allowing third party apps to access your Google account, without compromising your login credentials.

If you elect not to use OAuth, the steps below will help you setup CompanionLink, using simple username password logins.

Configuring Google Account Settings

1. Log into your Google account

2. Go to Account Settings:

3. Under the section “Signing in”

4. Turn off 2-Step Verification

5. Select “Access for less secure apps”

6. Select Enable


Configuring CompanionLink

1. Open CompanionLink

2. Select Settings

3. Select Google Settings

4. Uncheck "OAuth for login"

5. Enter your Google username and password