Synchronizing DejaOffice with the Apple applications

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DejaOffice stores data in a separate database than the Apple contacts and calendar applications that came with the device. You can synchronize DejaOffice with the Apple applications, though. Doing so allows you to utilize features that integrate only with the Apple application - caller I.D., for example.

Enable Sync Between DejaOffice and the Apple Applications

To turn on the synchronization between DejaOffice and the Apple contact or calendar applications:

  1. Open DejaOffice.
  2. Tap Settings and Tap Sync Settings.
  3. Tap the Sync with Apple Contacts or Sync with Apple Calendar option to Enable the "Native" Sync.
  • Note: While DejaOffice supports a sync to the Apple Calendar App, we do not recommend this as it can slow down the sync.
  • Note: The Native Contacts\Calendar app can have issues supporting larger data sets.

Selecting an Apple Native Account

The Apple contact and calendar applications allow you to have multiple accounts - some that can synchronize to and from the DejaOffice. DejaOffice has to pick one of these to read & synchronize to.

  1. Open DejaOffice
  2. Tap Settings and Tap Sync Settings.
  3. Tap the Sync Settings below the "Sync with Apple Contacts" or "Sync with Apple Calendar" option.
  4. Select the Apple Contacts Account to select the contact account to sync with or Default Apple Calendar to select the calendar account to sync with.

DejaOffice will only sync with a single native account. The local "On my iPhone" account is the default, and is recommended. If you do not see an "On my iPhone" account option it means you have another Contact\Calendar sync service such as iCloud, Exchange, or Google connected in the Apple Account Settings.

DejaOffice Shortcuts Widget

If you are on iOS 14 or higher you have access to the Shortcut Widget. This will directly open DejaOffice Contacts, Calendar, Tasks or Notes from the Apple Home Screen. To add the widget:

  1. On the iPhone/iPad Home Screen, tap and hold in an empty spot.
  2. When the apps start shaking tap the + in the top left.
  3. From the list select DejaOffice, find the Launcher option and tap Add Widget at the bottom.

This will give you quicker access to the data in DejaOffice.