Sync with Outlook Exchange folders

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CompanionLink has the capability to synchronize with folders on an Outlook Exchange server.

To configure CompanionLink to use your Exchange folder follow the steps below.

1) Launch CompanionLink Setup and click on the "Outlook Settings" button

2) Click on the Outlook Folders tab. This tab will take a while to come up as, when you click on it for the first time, it must read all of the folders on your Exchange server. Do not click Cancel. (You can manually stop Outlook from searching for Exchange folders by right-clicking the Outlook icon in your system tray, and clicking "Cancel server request".)

3) Select the correct folders from the drop-down menus. If you would like to also synchronize with the subfolders of these folders, put a checkmark next to the option to sync subfolders.

4) Click ok. With these options set CompanionLink will sync your handheld with your Outlook Exchange folders.