Sync Outlook for Mac with iPhone and iPad

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Before proceeding, PLEASE back up your data.

Create a backup of your Outlook for Mac data
Back up Outlook for Mac 2011

Setup DejaOffice on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Install DejaOffice from the Apple App store on your device.
  2. Open DejaOffice, then tap "Setup Wizard" and configure for the sync method of your preference.
  3. OPTIONAL: Configure DejaOffice to sync with the native iPhone apps (within Setup Wizard).

Setup CompanionLink on your Mac

  1. Download and install CompanionLink if you have not already done so. CompanionLink for Mac
  2. Open the "CompanionLink" app from the Lauchpad or your Applications folder.
  3. Choose "Apple Device" from the first drop-down option (Select your sync target).
  4. Choose your "Sync Method" from the 2nd drop-down option.
  5. Choose the version of Outlook for Mac that you wish to sync with (Outlook 2011 or 2014)
  6. Choose "Advanced Settings" to configure which Applications you would like to sync, which Calendars or Reminders lists you want to include/exclude.

How to sync

  1. Open CompanionLink on your Mac and click the "Synchronize" button.
  2. Once the synchronization begins, you will see a working progress indicator within DejaOffice.