Sync Multiple Google Calendars to DejaOffice PC CRM Categories

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Configuring CompanionLink

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM, select Settings, select Sync Settings and choose Settings under Google.
  2. Under the Google Settings Tab, Click Selected Calendars (Your new Google Calendars should now be visible)
  3. Select the calendars you want to sync with.
  4. Enable the option to Create Category in DejaOffice PC CRM.
  5. Find the Applications tab at the top and put a check in Reread Google. Click OK
  6. Click "Yes" to Sync Now or click the Sync Now button in DPC.

After the sync, Calendars in Google will be associated with Categories in DejaOffice PC CRM. Adding to a Calendar in Google will sync to a Category in DPC and adding to a Category in DPC will sync to a Calendar in Google.