Setup Guide - Sync Windows Phone 7 via Google

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Backing Up Your Database Have you backed up your database? Click here for instructions how

Starting Out

In order to sync with Google you will need to:

1. Download and install CompanionLink on your Computer

Installing the Software

Installing CompanionLink

For help finding the version of CompanionLink that is right for you click here

Click here for instructions on installing CompanionLink

Click here for instructions on installing CompanionLink

Registering CompanionLink

Registering CompanionLink

CompanionLink is registered from within the software and requires an internet connect in order to verify your license. For more information click Here

Configuring your Sync

Back up your Data

CompanionLink cannot be held responsible for any data corruption or data loss that may occur in conjunction with our software. CompanionLink highly recommends backing up your PC database before performing a sync and on a regular basis.

Backing Up Your Database Click here for instructions on backing up your database

Configuring CompanionLink

Open CompanionLink Setup
The first time you open CompanionLink the screen will appear as below:
Opening Screen
1.Select Google from the first drop down
Select Google
2.In the second drop down please select the database, for the purpose of this setup guide we will be using ACT
Second DropDown
Configuring your PDA Settings
3.Please select Google settings
Google Settings
4.Please enter the
a.Email address for the Gmail account you wish to use
b.The password you use to access the Gmail account
Account information
  • If you use Google's "2-step verification you made need to use a different password. For more information about this click here

5. Select OK
Select OK
Configuring your Contact Manager Settings

Click here for help configuring your Contact Manager

Click here for help configuring your Contact Manager

Configuring Other CompanionLink Settings

Click here for more information about CompanionLink Settings

CompanionLink Settings

Performing a Sync

1. In your CompanionLink Setup select Synchronize
Select Synchronize

GettingFor help configuring your Google sync on your phone click here