Renewing and Updating a CompanionLink Subscription

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Your CompanionLink subscription is automatically renewed every three months until it is cancelled.

If your billing credit card has expired and CompanionLink stops synchronizing(see image below), or you have cancelled your subscription and would like to repurchase it, please go to to repurchase the license. You can also call CompanionLink sales at 1(800)386-1623.


How to Repurchase the CompanionLink License

1. Please go to and click on "Subscribe" next to the CompanionLink product you want.


2. Fill out the Secure Order Form and click "Place Secure Order" to place your order.

3. Open CompanionLink and on the Home Screen click "File" and then "Register" or "Upgrade"

4. Enter your name, email address, delete the current Purchase ID, and click Verify.


Note: For most people, Purchase ID is not needed. Your purchase is associated with your email address. Purchase ID is only needed if you are licensing multiple people to the same email address. For multiple people please check your email for the purchase id. For yourself, just leave the Purchase ID field blank.

Your Subscription should now be registered. Please call CompanionLink sales at 1(800)386-1623 for assistance.