Registering CompanionLink version 4

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For CompanionLink version 4.0, licensing is automatically verified.

To obtain the software you simply download it from the CompanionLink website:

For more information on registering please visit the website below:

If you have recently purchased an upgrade, select "Upgrade" and again fill in your email address. Click the Verify button.

You do not need to enter Purchase ID number. This is only needed if you purchased multiple licenses for several different people.

With CompanionLink 4.0, You can "Verify" up to three computers. Later, you will be able to verify a new computer that you purchase. If you need CompanionLink on more than three computers you will need to purchase additional licenses.

CompanionLink 4.0 verification requires a secure internet connection to CompanionLink's validation server. If you lack such a connection you may use CompanionLink 3.0 and obtain a keycode using this form: