Palm Desktop phone fields mapping - PDT, PDT4, PDT6, work, home, email

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Palm Desktop uses field labels to designate phone numbers and email. In Palm Desktop prior to version 6, there are five phone fields each with a label. In Palm Desktop 6, there are seven phone fields.

The CompanionLink sync engine handles the fields as in a flat file. There is a limit to the number of like named fields that are handled. The following fields are handled by the sync engine:

Up to three instances of these are handled:


These fields only send one instance:


Not all sync destinations can handle like named fields. However, most destinations have slots that correspond to them. For instance, with Palm to Outlook:

 Work -> Business Phone
 Work -> Business Phone 2
 Email -> Email
 Email -> Email 2
 Email -> Email 3

In this example, a 4th "Email" would not be synchronized because it exceeds the capabilities of the sync engine, as well as the destination database.

It should be the case that any exceptional fields are not synchronized, but also should not be deleted or modified by the sync process.