Palm Desktop not transferring all data to Handheld

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How to Create a New user in Palm Desktop and then Export from the old Palm User and Import to the New Palm Desktop User.

First you will need to Export the data from your Current Palm Desktop User.

NOTE: Each Area will need to be exported individually for Contacts/Addressbook, Calendar/DateBook, Todos/Tasks, Memos/Notes.

Open the Palm Desktop where you keep your Current and Correct data.

1. Go to the View menu and make sure that Show Private Records is selected.

2. Go to the area you want to export, such the Address Book, and click on File and Export.

3. Make sure that the Range option, lower left hand corner, is set to all records.

4. Then at the top of this Export window, Select a place to save the files: on your Desktop for now would be OK... (You could also save them in your My Documents folder if that's familiar to you)

5. At the bottom of this window it wants you to name the file. Name them for each section i.e.

Palm Addressbook 09-2010

Palm Datebook 09-2010

Palm Todos 09-2010

Palm Memos 09-2010

(Remember you will be doing these steps for each section you wish to export and save for Importing later)

6. Click Export, (leave the Export type field alone)

7. Once you have saved all the Palm Data sections that you need. Click on the dropdown arrow at the end of the User field in the Upper Righthand corner and choose Edit Users.

8. Create a New Palm User... maybe call it the name of the Phone if it's not named that already...

9. Now open the New User and add one test item into each section. Save them ..and then Close the Palm Desktop completely.

10. Reopen the Palm Desktop and make sure the test items created in each section are still there...

11. Now go back to each section and stop, click File then IMPORT. Select the datafile you saved for each section and click Import..

All your data should now appear in the appropriate section for the new Palm User.

12. Minimize the Palm Desktop..

Next reset Compnaionlink From Scratch:

1.Open Companionlink Setup (if using Vista or Win7 Open Companionlink by right clicking on the Setup Shortcut and clicking to Run as Admin.),once the Setup window is open Click CTRL-SHIFT-"D", a folder should open. Delete the files in the folder.

2. Close the folder.

3. Configure Sync: Click on Settings or reset Companionlink 4.0 as per the Setup Guide for your Handheld.

Be sure to set the Purge and Reload options to avoid any duplication issues...

Be sure the Current and Correct data is in the PC database and not on the Handheld.