New BB, PIN does not show in CL using BBDM5 or lower

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If you have received a new BlackBerry and you cannot locate the new BlackBerry PIN under the BlackBerry Settings in your CompanionLink Setup please follow the steps below to resolve:

1.On your PC, open the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Click Options(top-right corner) and select Data Folder Options.

2.Under "Current Folder" you will see a file path. Copy this file path. Click OK and Close the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

3.Click your Start button, in the Search/Run bar paste or type the file path you copied from the Blackberry Desktop Manger. Press Enter.

4.This will open a folder named Blackberry. In this folder you will see another folder named Loader History. Delete the Loader History folder. Close the Blackberry folder.

5.Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Connect the Blackberry. Wait for the Desktop Manager to display the Blackberry PIN at the bottom.

Open CompanionLink Setup and see if the new Blackberry PIN shows under User Name.

If this does not resolve the issue, or if you do not see a "Loader History" folder you will need to uninstall then reinstall the Blackberry Desktop Manager. When Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed again open it and connect the BlackBerry, confirm the PIN shows. Now check CompanionLink and see if the BlackBerry PIN is available.