My Motorola Android phone (X, 2, Pro, X2, 3, Atrix) is connected in "Charge Only" mode, but DejaOffice continues to tell me to switch to "Charge Only"

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When syncing via USB with many Motorola Android phones (e.g. X, 2, Pro, X2, 3, Atrix), you must connect the phone in "Charge Only" mode in order for DejaOffice to start the sync (see Android USB Device Specific Notes). This is because DejaOffice is not able to unmount the SD card from the PC in order to start the sync on these devices.

Some Android apps, however, have an "auto mount" feature that will automatically mount the SD card to your PC whenever you connect, even if you have "Charge Only" mode selected. In this case, the SD card is mounted to the PC, and DejaOffice will prompt you to connect in "Charge Only" mode.

To verify if is the case, connect in Charge Only mode. If you are able to browse the removable drive that is the Android device from your PC, and access the contents of the SD card, something is mounting the SD card to your PC.

Examples of Android apps that have been know to cause this behavior are the Winamp app and doubleTwist. Even if you do not have either of these apps, but are still able to access the SD card from Windows while connected in Charge Only mode, you will need to determine what is causing your phone to auto mount to your PC. You may need to contact your carrier to determine why you can access the SD card under these conditions.