INFO: Goldmine BDE Error Codes

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Here is a list of all of the LoadBDE return codes:

1 -- success
-1 -- BDE/API failed to load - this means a problem with BDE 6.7 - or 
your SQL engine in 7.0
-2 -- Cannot find license file - 6.7 or lower - can't find license.dbf, 
7.0 can't find license.bin - the files should be in the GoldMine install directory.
-3 -- Cannot load license file - this could happen because of user rights on 
the machine, also caused on 6.7 or lower when certain data objects are 
instanced before BDE. In 7.0 - it's most probably rights.
-4 -- Failed to validate password
-5 -- Invalid GoldDir - couldn't resolve the Alias for the GoldDir parameter.
-6 -- Invalid CommonDir- couldn't resolve the Alias for the CommonDir parameter.
-7 -- Failed to allocate the needed TLS slot - TLS stands for Thread Local 
Storage so that unique data is stored for each thread, and certain variables 
are shared between all GMx32 threads.
-8 -- General failure - this is a catch all error in 6.7. In 7.0 these have 
been expanded to -11 through -19
-9 -- No access to files for this user - Cannot find license file for GM version 9.0
Added in 6.7:
-10 -- No SQL credentials - you should set the SQL credentials for this user in 
the user's GM preferences dialog.
Added in 7.00.51208 are more detailed errors that would have just been -8 and they 
mirror the first 9 returns, except for -8. These are all VERY BAD ERRORS:
-11 -- FATAL Exception captured on DB Engine Initialization
-12 -- FATAL Exception captured on user/alias cleanup
-13 -- FATAL Exception captured when loading license file
-14 -- FATAL Exception captured when validating user credentials
-15 -- FATAL Exception captured when validating Gold Alias
-16 -- FATAL Exception captured when validating Common Alias
-17 -- FATAL Exception captured on extract_TLS()
-18 -- FATAL Exception captured on attempt to read user SQL credentials - this 
is either an intermittant data read problem (network not available) or it has 
no access to license.bin.
-19 -- FATAL Exception captured when checking file access
7.0 in general adds:
-20 -- Invalid data dictionary - cannot read/find datadict.xml or 
datadict67.xml. The file can't be found, or the file has been 
corrupted. Reinstall a good copy.
7.0 still has the LoadBDE call, but it is just a stub for the LoadAPI call.