How to install DejaOffice on Kindle Fire

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There are two main ways of installing DejaOffice on your Kindle Fire.

Using the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire device

Check your Kindle Fire home screen. If you see a Play Store app listed here, it means you can download DejaOffice directly from the App Store.

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. Tap the Search box at the top.
  3. Enter DejaOffice and tap Enter.
  4. Select DejaOffice from the list and choose Install.

Once installed you can use our Setup Guides page to get your device syncing.

  • Note: Use the Android guides for the Kindle Fire.

Installing DejaOffice Directly from our site

If your Kindle Fire device does not come with the Play Store installed, use the following steps to install the app directly from our site.

  1. Open the Internet browser on the device. (Use any browser but Google Chrome)
  2. Navigate to the following page to download DejaOffice:
  3. Tap the downloaded file to begin the installation.

Note - If your Kindle displays an "Install blocked" message, try the following:
1. Tap "Settings".
2. Check the box for "Unknown sources".
3. Tap "OK", then restart the installation.