How to delete the pim.vol file on Windows Mobile Professional devices

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NOTE: This only works on Windows Mobile Professional. If it is a touch screen device, it is Professional. If it is not, it is Classic.

On the HandHeld, open File Explorer.

Click on “Up” a couple times, until it is at the top level.

There should be a file called “pim”. Rename it to something like “pim-bkup”.

Soft-reset the HandHeld.

There should now be no contact/calendar/task/memo data, and a new empty “pim” file.

Purge and Reload in CompanionLink again.

By renaming “pim” to “pim-bkup”, we created a backup and forced Windows Mobile to recreate an empty “pim” all at the same time.

If it’s necessary to restore this backup, rename “pim” to something else, then rename “pim-bkup” to “pim” and soft-reset.