How to create an InfusionSoft sync filter for use with CompanionLink

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The following steps will guide you through setting a filter for contacts in InfusionSoft such that CompanionLink syncs only a subset of contacts.

Note: CompanionLink is only capable of syncing a maximum of 1000 contacts from InfusionSoft, so a filter may be necessary to ensure that your most important contacts are actually visible to CompanionLink.

Instructions for configuring a filter

When CompanionLink is set up to sync with Infusionsoft a new "saved search" is created in InfusionSoft. CompanionLink will only sync contacts which are visible in this saved search. Thus, by editing this saved search, you are effectively able to filter or customize your sync to meet your needs.

To edit a saved search in InfusionSoft:

  1. Log into InfusionSoft
  2. Click "People", then "Find People"
  3. Select "Companion Link Sync" next to "View another saved search"
  4. Click "Edit Criteria/Columns"