How to create Personal and Shared Calendars using ACT! and CompanionLink

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DejaCloud and CompanionLink can allow employees to share data, keep their personal data private, and also synchronize both the shared and personal data to their phones and tablets.


  • CompanionLink Professional installed on each user's PC
  • One DejaCloud account to sync shared data
  • One DejaCloud account per user to sync personal data
  • DejaOffice installed on each user's handheld device

You can create a DejaCloud account by clicking here

If you would like for us to set up your configuration we offer a paid service called RunStart.

Setup Guide

Setting up the Shared Contacts and Calendar

  1. Create a Group in ACT! to hold the shared Contacts
  2. Create a Group for each user’s personal Contacts
  3. Install CompanionLink Professional on each user's PC
  4. Set CompanionLink on each PC to sync with DejaCloud
  5. In CompanionLink, use the Groups tab in advanced settings to select the Shared and Personal contact groups
  6. Use the User ID tab to select which ACT! User’s calendar to sync
  7. Run the sync

Setting up sync for personal and shared Contacts and Calendar

  1. Create a personal DejaCloud account for each individual user
  2. In CompanionLink on each user's PC create a second Profile
  3. Set up the second profile to sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar with the personal DejaCloud account
  4. Use the Category Filter tab to sync All Categories
  5. Run the sync on each users PC for the second Profile

Syncing to your mobile device

  1. Install DejaOffice on the handheld from its app store
  2. Configure DejaOffice to sync with each individuals personal DejaCloud account
  3. Sync by tapping sync on the DejaOffice home screen
  4. Verify that all shared and private data has transferred