How to Use Deals and Opportunities in DejaOffice Express and Pro

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The DejaOffice PC CRM Express and Pro versions offer access to Deals (which are called opportunities in some CRMs). With the Deals you can track Potential Deals, Deals in Progress and Completed deals to get sales estimates for different stages of the Deal you are working on. Having all of your Deals in one place lets you quickly see which deal needs a nudge, which deal needs to sit for a while and past deals you might be able to revive later.

Creating a New Deal

To add a new Deal in DejaOffice PC CRM:

  1. Ensure in DPC Settings > Deal Settings that "Use Deals" is checked.
  2. Select Deals on the left panel of DejaOffice PC CRM
  3. Click the + icon at the top.
  4. Fill any relevant fields and click Ok to Save.

Starting a New Deal

Once you have started your interaction with your customer\account you can begin the Deal. Follow this flow for starting a new deal.

  1. Create a new Deal in DejaOffice PC CRM.
  2. Give your Deal a Subject and link it to a Contact or Account.
  3. Set a Deal Stage. When you are first starting our this would be set to Started, In Progress or Pre-Sales. You can set a probability for the Deal as well.
  4. Set an Open Date for the Deal. This is to track when you first started working on your deal.
  5. (Optional) Set an Estimated Close Date to give your self a Goal for when to have the Deal Finished. Once completed you can set the Actual Close Date.
  6. (Optional) If you know the Total of your Product vs the Cost to you fill these in for an automatic Profit Calculation when you save.
  7. (Optional) Add any relevant attachments such as sales sheets or business cards to the Deal.
  8. Add notes to the deal so you remember your last interaction. There is a handy time\date stamp button to keep you on track.

You can also customize the Stages in your Deals.

Using the Deal Funnel


Once you have your deals setup, your stages created and added costs and Totals you can use the Deal Funnel for a visual look at what your totals are across all your Stages.

Deal Fields

With DejaOffice PC CRM Deals you can track several aspects of the Deal.

  1. Subject: Give your Deal a Name.
  2. Location: Give your Deal a Address of the Company you are Working with. If you attach a Contact this will be filled from the linked Contact.
  3. Category: Assign your Deal a Category for Filtering Multiple Deals with in the same type at a later time.
  4. Contacts: Assign a Contact(s) to your Deal so you know who you are "dealing" with.
  5. Accounts: Link an Account (which can be linked to Multiple Contacts) to encompass a deal with a larger number of people.
  6. Stage: This field allows you to Assign and Track different Stages of a Deal.
  7. Open Date: Set a Date when you first started the Deal.
  8. Estimated Close Date: Set a Date when expect the Deal to close.
  9. Total: Total Retail Cost for the Deal.
  10. Cost: Your Cost for the Deal.
  11. Attachments: Add Attachments such as PDFs and Images to the Deal.
  12. Note: Add notes about the Deal.

Additional Fields under More.

  1. PC Data Source: Give your Deal a Name.
  2. Actual Close Date: Set the Actual Date your Deal finished.
  3. Custom 1: A Custom Field for entering any data you want.
  4. Custom 2: A Custom Field for entering any data you want.
  • Note: You can set it to Always Show More in the DPC Settings > Deal Settings > Always Show More.

Creating Custom Stages


You can set your own Stages in DejaOffice PC CRM Deals for Sorting and Tracking. To customize the Deal Stages:

  1. Select Deals on the left panel of DejaOffice PC CRM
  2. Click the + icon at the top.
  3. In the Deal Edit Panel click the Gear next to the Stage Field.
  4. Click the + to add new Stages or the Pencil Icon to Edit existing Stages. You can also set the Sort Order of the Stage.

Deal Settings

You can set a few options for Deals. To find the Deals Settings open DPC select Settings and click Deal Settings.

  1. Use Deals: Enabled use of the Deals in DPC.
  2. Launch List in Search Mode: Preselects the Search when you open Deals.
  3. Show More By Default: Always show the "More" section in the Deal Edit Panel.
  4. QuoteWerks Integration: Enables Integration with QuoteWerks for Invoices and Deal Fields.
  5. Use Gross, Commission and Overage: Adds fields for Gross, Commission and Overage for Advanced Entry.
  6. Edit Screen Format: Changes between Edit Panel designs. Streamlined 2020 is recommended.
  7. Default Category: Sets a Default Category for every new Deal.
  8. Deals Custom Fields: Allows you to set the Labels for the two Deals Custom Fields.