How to Sync Outlook for Mac with Google

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We have two methods to synchronize. The first is using CompanionLink for Mac.

  1. Download CompanionLink for Mac Trial.
  2. Choose Google, 'Direct' and click the gear icon.
  3. Enter Google Account Authorization.
  4. Click "Synchronize" to sync Outlook with Google.

CompanionLink for Mac is $49.95 but if you use the code HOWTO you get $10 off: Buy CompanionLink for Mac

Our second method connects Outlook 365 to Google using a DejaCloud Connector

  1. Create a DejaCloud Account
  2. Click Account StatusAccount Status.png
  3. Click Connectors
  4. Click Add Office 365 Account and enter your credentials.
  5. Click Add Google Account and enter your Google credentials.

It will synchronize in about 15 minutes. The cost of the connector is $99.95 for two years. Use the code HOWTO to get $10 off: Buy DejaCloud