How to Sync Outlook Color Categories with Google Calendar

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This guide will help you through creating Calendars in Google to link to the Outlook Color Categories. This will allow you to add items to a specific Google calendar which will sync that item back to the associated Outlook Category.

Google sync offer a direct sync to the Native Contacts\Calendar app of your device, using DejaOffice app will always offer a more complete sync of your data. DejaOffice has been designed specifically to give you more fields, better sorting, better grouping and easy use of your Outlook Color Categories for Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes. The Outlook app nor the Native Contacts\Calendar app support the level of data and settings DejaOffice can achieve.

Take a moment to review our comparison pages to get a better idea of what DejaOffice can do for you.

Native Apps:
DejaOffice vs Native Apps on Android
DejaOffice vs Native Apps on Apple

Outlook App:
DejaOffice vs Outlook App on Android
DejaOffice vs Outlook App on Apple

Configuring Google Calendar

1. Start by logging into your Google Calendar via the browser of your choice.
2. Create calendars in Google that match the name of your Outlook Color Categories.
  • Note: You will need to repeat this step for each Category you have in Outlook and these names much match exactly.

Configuring CompanionLink


2. Open CompanionLink and click Settings below No Device Sync with Google (For CompanionLink for Google, click Settings in CompanionLink and click the Calendar tab at the top.)

3. Click Selected Calendars (Your new Google Calendars should now be visible)

  • Note: For this method do not enable the "Create Sub-Calendars in Outlook" option.

4. Select the calendars you want to sync with. These should match your Outlook Category Names. Click OK

5. Start the Sync in CompanionLink (For instructions on setting up CompanionLink to Sync with Google please Click Here!

6. You can now see how three categorized events created in Outlook will appear in Google after a sync