How to Sync Clio Contacts and Calendar items to Outlook IMAP Folders using Google

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Clio has recently deprecated their Desktop Outlook Sync tool. While Clio still offers integrations with Office 365 (Exchange) accounts, which is a direct online to online sync, if you use a POP3 or IMAP Email account in a Desktop Outlook you may be left needing to restore this integration. You can achieve this using Google and CompanionLink.

Connect Clio to Google


First, you will need to integrate Clio with Google Contacts and Calendar. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Clio Account.
  2. On the left select Settings and then select the "Contact and Calendar Sync" option.
  3. Select the "Sign in with Google" button next to "Google Contacts and Calendar".
  4. Sign in with your Google Account and wait for the sync to Complete.

Verify in Google the Contacts and Calendar from Clio appear.

Connect Google to Outlook


Now that Google has you Contacts and Calendar, we can use CompanionLink to Integrate Google and Outlook. To do this:

  1. Click Here to Download and install CompanionLink for Outlook if you have not already done so.
  2. Run "CompanionLink" from your desktop or start menu.
  3. Under "From" on the left select Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Under "With" on the right, select Google.

Sign in to Google

  1. Select Settings on the right under Google.
  2. In the popup that appears, enter your email address. Click Next.
  3. Enter enter your Gmail password. Click Next.
  4. Click the "Allow Access" button in the bottom right to finalize the Google Login.
  5. Click Ok, Click Ok again and choose "Yes" to the "Sync Now?" prompt.