How can I move contacts already saved on Windows Phone 8 to DejaOffice

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You can configure DejaOffice for Windows Phone 8 to synchronize with the People application on your Windows Phone 8 device; when you do this, DejaOffice creates a new 'account' to sync to and read from. Any contact that syncs from DejaContacts to People will be saved under this account.

You might already have contacts in the People application that you want to sync to DejaOffice - to move these contacts into DejaOffice, you can export the contacts from any account attached to the device (like or Google) and then re-import them. Directions are below:

Moving contacts saved to the SIM

  1. If you have contacts saved to a SIM card (possibly from your old device), put the SIM card into the new Windows Phone 8 device.
  2. Then, open the People application and tap on the More button (...) and Settings. Tap to 'Import SIM contacts'. When you do this, the contacts will be saved to the existing Windows account on the phone. Click Here for detailed directions on Importing SIM Contacts

Getting the contacts onto the PC database

Most Windows Phone 8 accounts require you sign in with a Microsoft account - this is probably where your contacts are saved. You can find out what account you're using by opening People > More (...) > Settings > Accounts.

  1. Log into the Windows account online and open the Contacts list. If using, click on Manage > Export. Note: This step may differ depending on what type of Windows account you use - Click Here for detailed directions on exporting from account
  2. The export will create a file with the extension .csv on your computer - if exporting from, the file will be named 'WLMContacts.csv'
  3. To get the contacts into the PC application, you'll use the Import function. Where you find this will depend on what program you're using. Click Here for detailed instructions on Importing contacts into Outlook.

Resynchronizing with DejaOffice

  1. Open CompanionLink and click on Advanced Settings > Applications. Click to 'Wipe contacts on Windows Phone before sync' Note: This step will delete all records in DejaContacts on the next sync - but will prevent duplications.
  2. On the device, open People > More (...) > Settings. Tap to 'Filter My Contact List' & choose only DejaOffice. Optional: Under People > More (...) > Settings, scroll down to Accounts, then tap & hold on any account set to Delete that account and remove all contacts from the People app.

Moving contacts saved to another account, like Google

Follow the same general directions from above to Export contacts on your Windows Phone 8 device that have been saved to accounts like Google, or Yahoo!, and then re-import them into your PC database. Click Here for detailed instructions on exporting Google/Gmail contacts.

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