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If you need to transport your Palm Desktop data from one computer to another, or just want to make an occasional backup of your data on your Windows computer (a very wise decision), the Palm Desktop application can do it for you.

  1. Launch the Palm Desktop for Windows application, if it's not already open.
  2. From the User pulldown menu in the upper right corner of the screen, select the user name of the data you want to export.
  3. Open the Palm Desktop component from which you want to export (Date Book, Address, To Do, Memo). You must be displaying the component to export from it.
  4. From the File pulldown menu, select Export ...
  5. In the Export window, choose these settings:

File name: Pick a name for the exported file, and a location. It's usually best to store it in a separate folder from your other Palm Desktop data. You might want to create a new folder on the Windows Desktop for your exported data.

Export type: Depending on which component you're exporting (Date Book, Address, To Do, Memo), you may have a choice for exporting the data in the component. Generally, comma-separated variable (.csv) and tab-delineated (.tab) formats can be imported into most other Personal Information Managers (PIMs), planners and spreadsheets.

Range: All (unless you only want to export items you have pre-selected by highlighting them). Click Export to begin the export.

Repeat the steps above for each component (Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad).

For future reference, make sure you remember where you saved the exported data.

Exporting a vCard from Palm Desktop's Address component To export addresses in vCard format out of the Address Book, click on the address or addresses you want to export. Then click on the File menu, and select Export vCard File. Choose a file name and location, and then click Export to begin the process.

Exporting a single vCal from Palm Desktop's Date Book component

To export a single appointment in vCal format out of the Date Book, click on the appointment you want to export. Then click on the File menu, and select Export vCal File. Choose a file name and location, and then click Export to begin the process.

Exporting Expense data into Excel format

Although you can't directly view Expense data in Palm Desktop, you can click on the Expense button in Palm Desktop to launch Microsoft Excel with a spreadsheet populated by your handheld's Expense data. From Excel, you can then save this data in any format supported by Excel. For more information, refer to the user guide for Excel, or Microsoft's support site. Importing into a PIM or other application

To import your exported data into another Personal Information Manager (PIM) or other software, refer to the documentation of the software into which you want to import the data. Make sure you're exporting your data in the correct format for the program into which you want to import it.

Note: The presence of a third party product in this article should be not be construed as an endorsement of that product, nor should its absence be considered a denigration. Palm does not manufacture any third-party products mentioned above, and cannot provide support for them. If you purchase a third-party product and require help with it, contact the manufacturer.