ERSP Lotus Notes Custom Recurrence patterns don't sync to Google Calendar

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[AB42429] Lotus Notes has a "custom" recurrence pattern, where you may pick days off the calendar, as opposed to choosing "weekly" or "daily". In addition, if you have a meeting invitation which is a recurring pattern, and you change a room location or meeting time for one instance it can make the entire pattern "custom".

Custom events can be synchronized only if the destination supports them. The following destinations are supported:

  • Google Calendar (*See Note)
  • Android DejaOffice Calendar (requires CL 4024 or higher and DJO v1.9 or higher)
  • iPhone DejaOffice Calendar (requires DejaOffice for iPhone 1.1.7 or higher)
 *Note: Google Calendar support is only PC to Google. You cannot modify 
 a custom recurring in Google. It will not sync to most phones. Making 
 a modification or synchronizing to an iPhone or Android phone will 
 likely damage the pattern which can damage the original meeting in 
 Lotus Notes.

The following destinations DO NOT support Custom recurring events:

  • Outlook
  • BlackBerry
  • Palm OS
  • Palm webOS (Pre/Pixi)
  • Any phone via Google Sync