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DejaOffice PC CRM New Display Style

DejaOffice PC CRM has just released an update with some New and Updated UI Design Styles. After updating to build 1756 or higher you will find a new Prompt to "Try the New Style".

DejaOffice PC CRM New Display Style


Here are some of the new things added to the new design:

  • Updated Scrollbar to a more Modern Feel!
  • Removed All Padding and Borders around every screen to get more from your data!
  • Updated Icons for both Light and Dark Themes!
  • New Themes Two new themes. Light (High Contrast) and Dark (High Contrast) for a clear look!
  • Display Settings New Settings menu in the DPC Settings to adjust all of the above!

Note: If you want to change it all back select the "Old Style" option under the Display Style drop down in the Display Settings.

Display Settings


The New Display Settings menu will help you adjust the DPC Style to just how you like it. Here are some of the new Settings:

  1. Display Style: Change been the Original "Old Style" and the "New Style".
  2. Icon Style: Set the Icons to the "Old Design" or the "New (v2023)" Style.
  3. Theme: Set your DPC Theme, there are Light and Dark Modes, High Contrast Options and Transparent themes for those who like a Background image.
  4. Side Menu Color: Set the Side Menu color independent of the Theme.
  5. Borders: Options for Borders (old design) with lots of space around each panel, No Borders for a bit more room and No Borders or Padding for an edge to edge view of your data.
  6. Scrollbar Style: Choose between the older style Scrollbar and the New Modern option.
  7. Background Picture: Add your own Background image to DPC for some custom flair. Disabling this uses the Theme color to set the background color.
  8. Download New Pictures: Let us add new background pictures for you!
  9. Clear Old Pictures: Clear Out the old pictures folder after 10 images.
  10. Automatically Change Picture: This option lets you have a new background every day, week or set it to Never to always show the one you like.
  11. Change: Set a Custom Background Picture.
  12. Set as Desktop: Set the DPC background as your current Windows Background with one click!