CompanionLink log file reports wrong build number when using BlackBerry Classic Desktop

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

When using CompanionLink build 4028 with either BlackBerry Desktop version 6, or BlackBerry Desktop version 5 dll method, the CompanionLink log file may report build 4025, instead of build 4028.

What the log file is actually reporting is the ClxRimSyncaddin.dll version number, not the companionlink.exe version number.

Cause: Normally, ClxRimSyncaddin.dll is compiled with companionlink.exe, so that the version numbers are always the same. Looks like we forgot to recompile ClxRimSyncaddin.dll with build 4028, though, so it shows as build 4025 in the log file.

Build 4029 should correct this problem.

In general, a more reliable parameter to look at is "Modified time of Exe", which is included in all log files.