Caller ID, voice dialing, etc. doesn't work when syncing to an Android phone

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Caller ID, voice dialing, and some other phone functionality will only work if contacts exist in the built-in contact app on the phone. CompanionLink syncs into DejaOffice, and DejaOffice is set by default to sync with the built-in contact app, but if this option has been disabled, contacts will not be added to the built-in app after a sync with CompanionLink.

In order to enable the option to sync with the built-in Android contact app in DejaOffice:

  1. Open DejaOffice on your phone
  2. Select Settings, then Sync Settings
  3. Enable the option "Sync with Android Contacts app"

After you have enabled this option, you may either perform a sync with CompanionLink or run the "Read Android data" function from the main DejaOffice menu.