Calendar doesn't sync to BlackBerry

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Occasionally the Blackberry will have more than one calendar and this will cause problems with our sync.

This may appear that the calendar doesn't sync to the BlackBerry or vice versa.

We may have been able to confirm the BlackBerry Wireless sync has been disabled but it is possible another third party application has taken over the Calendar Application.

To resolve this please follow the steps below:

To manually delete the extra calendars off the BB follow these steps.

1. On the BB go to Options->Advanced Options->Service Book. (For BB Torch: Options->Device->Advanced System Settings->Service Book)

2. Delete any lines showing an email address followed by [CICAL]. For example, [CICAL]. (You may not see the [CICAL] part of the line on this screen. Open the line and you can confirm it is [CICAL])

3. You will notice there is a line that shows an email address then [CMIME], leave this line as-is.

4. When all of these lines are deleted. Go back to Calendar->Options and you should only see one calendar listed. This may be named "Desktop" or "Device Default"

5. Now run a "purge and reload" sync and see if this resolves the calendar issue.