BlackBerry Classic Desktop Manager Not Recognized

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager Not Recognized

On April 15, 2011 BlackBerry Desktop Software version was released. This release caused a temporary incompatibility with the CompanionLink Sync. At this time the symptoms noted include the following:

  • Attempting to configure CompanionLink for BlackBerry USB sync and receive an error message indicating BlackBerry Desktop Software is not installed.
  • You perform a sync in the BlackBerry Desktop Software but the sync completes without calling the CompanionLink Addin.

If you have upgraded to BlackBerry Desktop Software version and are experiencing any of these systems it is suggested you update to the most current build of CompanionLink. Updates are available by clicking here.