BlackBerry Classic Starting Over USB Win7

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Covers BlackBerry OS 4 through 7 (BlackBerry Classic).
For BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry 10 OS, please refer to other pages.

The following are the steps to erase and reconfigure the settings in CompanionLink.

1.Disconnect the BlackBerry.

2.Confirm that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is set up correctly:

a.Open the BBDTM. In here, open Synchronize.
b.Make sure that 'Run Add-in actions' and 'Update device's date and time' are checked.
c.Make sure that 'Synchronize organiser data' is not checked.
d.Uncheck the Auto Sync option also near bottom of this screen.
e.Click back to the Main Screen and connect the Blackberry. NOTE THE PIN ID NUMBER after the Blackberry connects
f.Minimize the Desktop Manager.

3.Open the Companionlink Setup window by Right Clicking on the Shortcut to Companionlink Setup and click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, now At the main screen, hit the following key combination: Ctrl-Shift-D

a.This should open a Windows Explorer window with a list of files. In this window, go to Edit > Select All, then File > Delete.
b.Close the Windows Explorer window.
c.In CompanionLink Setup, hit Settings. The configuration wizard should open.
d.Select the language and click Next.
e.Select BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry PIN should display in the Username dropdown field. Click Next.
f.Select your contact manager and click Configure.
g.Confirm that the database and login information are correct (if applicable).
h.Click on the Category Field tab to confirm that the PIM settings are correct.
i.Go to the Purge And Reload tab. Check only the Calendar, Tasks in this tab. Configure any other desired settings.
j.Click OK, then Next, then Finish. EXIT COMPANIONLINK SETUP window

4. Maximize Desktop Manager again,

a.Under the configure area on the left Add-Ins and be sure Companionlink has a check in the box.
b.Attempt to sync by clicking synchronize, then synchronize button in the upper left corner, begin sync.