Attention Required: Companionlink Professional has not been fully configured

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Error message from ActiveSync: "Attention required: CompanionLink Professional has not been fully configured" when syncing directly to a Windows Mobile device.


This error means that the current ActiveSync mobile device partnership was not present when CompanionLink was configured for syncronization. In order for CompanionLink to successfully configure the handheld, the partnership must exist before CompanionLink is configured.


Please note that these steps will delete the data from your handheld and reload it from your contact manager.

1. Disconnect the handheld from your PC

2. Open Microsoft ActiveSync.

3. Click on the File menu.

4. Choose Delete.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until the Delete option cannot be clicked on.

6. Open CompanionLink Setup.

7. Press Ctrl-Shift-D. This should open a new folder.

8. Delete the contents of this folder.

9. Close this folder and exit CompanionLink.

10. Reconnect the handheld.

11. A new partnership wizard will open. Go through this. When asked what you want to synchronize with, uncheck everything.

12. Once the handheld has synchronized, disconnect the handheld.

13. Open CompanionLink Setup. The configuration wizard should open.

14. Select your language and click Next.

15. Select Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Sync Direct and click Next.

16. Select your contact manager and click Configure.

17. Click on the Category Field tab. If you get an error here, stop and contact our Technical Support department with the text of the error message.

18. Go to the Purge And Reload tab. Check the first three boxes.

19. Configure any other settings you wish.

20. Click OK, Next and Finish.

21. Exit CompanionLink.

22. Reconnect the handheld.