Act! Premium Web Sync Tips

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Act! Premium Web shares data with all users.


  • The Admin account can create new contact fields, but the API does not send them during sync. So stick with the ones that exist.
  • If the Sync adds a record, you may need to do a Lookup->All Records in the UI to see it. Refreshing may not trigger new ones to show up.


  • Recurrings are going to be slower at the moment, since they send us tons of records, one for each instance. May not want to make too many of those.


  • They transfer attached to a contact, in the note field. There is no Memo conduit.


  • Transfer as Accounts like we do with Act 2005+. ("Acct:" in front of the company name)


  • Coded, but disabled. They do not send a Name field, Process, or Stage, making sending these records less useful. The fields exist in the UI, but the API does not send them currently.

NOTE: The code uses the Optimized Update Sync logic. When turned on, CL will not be able to detect deletes from Act!. In this mode, we only receive changed data, so sync should be quicker when you have lots of records. If you turn the Optimized Update Sync off, deletes should work fine, but sync will be slower if there are a lot of records.

Depending on your account permissions, some records may not be deletable