ACT! unable to sync with specified ACT! database, unspecified error

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For this situation the error message we receive is too generic to be able to effectively troubleshoot. For customers using ACT 2005+ and receiving "Unable to synchronize with the specified ACT! database, unspecified error" we will need to obtain a log file.

To obtain the log:

  1. Open CompanionLink Setup
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+L, this will enable logging. A message should appear saying logging has been enabled or disabled. When attempting to obtain this information ensure the last message noted "Logging Enabled"
  3. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+D, this will open another folder. If another folder does not appear you can alternatively use CTRL+ALT+D. Minimize this folder for now, this is where the log file will be created.
  4. Sync again. If the error appears again, stop and send the log file.
  5. To send in the log file return the minimized folder select "companionlinklog.log"
    1. Right click on the log.
    2. Choose "Send To" then "Compressed(zipped Folder)"
    3. This will create a .zip file in the same folder
    4. Drag the .zip file to your desktop
    5. Email CompanionLink Support ( and attach the .zip file.

Note: It may take up to two full business days to review the log file once it is received. We ask that you please be patient with us while we work through the information you sent to us.