CL Secure Hosted Wireless Sync

Your sync service is hosted. Your data is not.

Sync to your device

Sync your database directly to your mobile device - without hosting your data in the cloud. CompanionLink's Secure Hosted wireless service supports more data types and fields than other comparable services. Contacts, categories, calendar events, recurring appointments, tasks and task styles, notes and memos, and much more.

Enterprise Security

AES-256 bit encryption gives you the same security that the United States National Security Agency uses to transfer top secret documents. CompanionLink mediates the secure transfer of data without hosting any of it in the cloud.

Automatic Hands-free Sync

The Auto Sync feature in CompanionLink ensures you have the latest version of your data, regardless of where you are. The sync process runs automatically so that any changes made in your database will immediately sync to your device. Changes made on your device will sync back to your database too!

Last modified: Jun 24, 2021 11:59 am