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The most complete iPhone 6 PC sync.
The only direct iPhone Outlook USB sync.

Categories, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and contact photos.
Sync direct using USB, Wi-Fi, or DejaCloud service for multiple devices.

Choose our iPhone 6 sync if you want to...

  • sync Outlook Categories, Notes, Tasks, Contact Photos
  • transfer direct using USB, WiFi, or DejaCloud
  • avoid sharing data on iCloud or Google
  • use your standard Outlook Folders
  • buy a tool backed with US-based phone support
  • avoid subscriptions buy a one-time license for all your PCs and devices
  • buy from a company offering sync since the era of PalmPilots

How our sync works

CompanionLink is software that installs on your PC and synchronizes iPhone with Microsoft Outlook, Act!, Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, GoldMine, Time & Chaos, and Salesforce CRM. Our DejaOffice app comes with your purchase and installs on your iPhone. A direct and secure connection is created between your PC and iPhone to sync data. Choose from three popular Sync Methods to keep data out of iCloud and Google. If you prefer to use your Google account to sync, we can also do that.

USB Sync
We offer the only direct iPhone PC sync that does not require iTunes. Just dock your iPhone with your PC and tap Sync. CompanionLink handles more Outlook data than iTunes or iCloud. This is perfect if you want to keep your data out of the cloud so it is private.

Wi-Fi Sync
Use your home or office Wi-Fi connection to securely sync between your PC and iPhone. This is perfect if you who want a cloud-free sync that also is wireless. Your data never leaves your Wi-Fi network. CompanionLink automatically pairs the PC with your iPhone for Wi-Fi sync.

DejaCloud Sync
Our secure cloud technology is designed for automatic and wireless sync with multiple devices (ie - phone and tablet). It works with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. Automatically sync all of your devices with your PC. Pay for one license of CompanionLink and get support for multiple devices.

PC data you can sync to iPhone

  • Contacts
    • Contacts sync to DejaContacts
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
    • Contact notes
    • Birthdays
    • Contact photos
  • Calendar
    • Calendar syncs to DejaCalendar
    • All calendar event details
    • Recurring and all-day events
    • Alarms/reminders
    • Accepted meeting invites (with list of attendees)
  • Categories
    • Categories (contacts, calendar, tasks, notes) with colors sync to DejaOffice
  • Tasks
    • Tasks sync DejaTasks
    • Task priorities
    • Due dates
    • Complete tasks on iPhone
    • Supports Getting Things Done, Franklin Covey, and Take Back Your Life formats
  • Notes
    • Notes (sync to DejaMemos
    • No character limit lets you edit and store long notes
  • Journal
    • Outlook Journal syncs to DejaJournal
    • Log outgoing calls placed from DejaOffice
      • Name of person you called
      • Number of person you called
      • Date and time of call
      • Duration of call (coming soon)
  • Contact Photos


Buy One-time license
Buy 3-month subscription

If you will sync using USB or WiFi, purchase a One-time License.
If you will sync using DejaCloud, purchase a Subscription License.

What others are saying

"I use CompanionLink..."
Tim Ferriss, Author of 4-hour workweek

"...smooth, reliable and quick syncing ... you don't need a degree in computer engineering to set it up."
Marc Saltzman,

"...I have used CompanionLink for over a decade."
Gene Marks,

"...setup was straight-forward, and the results have been rock-solid."
Brian Dipert, EDN Network


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