Sync your Mac with Android, iPhone, iPad,
Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

Sync OS X Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders.
For those who want the freedom to use any device with their Macs.

Note: if you are looking to sync with Outlook for Mac, click here. This page is for syncing to Mac's built-in apps.

Sync data from the Mac OS X Contacts, Calendar, and Reminder apps with Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone devices. You can even sync your Mac with a Windows PC if you choose.

  • Sync to Mac's built-in Contacts, Calendar, Reminders
  • Cloud, USB, and WiFi sync options
  • Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad
  • One purchase allows use on both Mac and PC

Buy license
(One-time license)
(3-mo. subscription)

Supports OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks),
10.8 (Mountain Lion), and 10.7 (Lion)

Money-back guarantee Free email & phone support Free updates Install on up to 3 Macs

Sync Mac with phones and tablets

CompanionLink keeps Mac's Contacts, Calendar and Reminders apps synchronized with your device. Choose our DejaCloud sync for instant and automatic wireless synchronization. Choose USB or WiFi sync for a direct sync approach where data is not sent to the cloud.

Sync Mac with Android
Sync Outlook on Mac with Outlook on PCs

Keep PC Outlook in sync with Mac

If you use Outlook on your PC and need to sync with Outlook for Mac, CompanionLink is perfect! One purchase gets you both Windows and Mac versions of our software to keep contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and categories in sync. Click here for more information.

Sync PC apps like Act! with your Mac

Have you ever wanted data from your PC contact manager or CRM app like Act! or Lotus Notes to integrate with your Mac? Now you can! This works for all PC CRM databases that CompanionLink supports like ACT!, Salesforce CRM, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, GoldMine, and many others.

Sync Mac with PC CRMs like ACT!

Sync Google with Mac

Sync Google Calendar, Tasks and Contacts to the
On My Mac accounts in the Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders apps on your Mac. More info.

Sync Mac with PC CRMs like ACT!
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