Reserve Galaxy Note 10 for Sync from Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, and Palm Desktop

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Wayland Bruns

Samsung has now made available a reservation system for Galaxy Note 10.

Here is sign up form for marketing emails from Samsung. It looks like there is no obligation to actually purchase, you do not need to submit a credit card. Check it out:

I have carried a Note phone since the very first. I really like the larger screen size. Galaxy Note 10 will be the latest flagship from the world leader of Smartphones. Apparently there will be two versions; Galaxy Note 10 which has a very large screen, and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, with an even larger screen. Both phones are expected to have 5G support and be thinner and lighter than their predecessors.

For the best Contact and Calendar Management on Galaxy Note 10, check out DejaOffice CRM for Android. You can download this free from the Google Play Store.

Special features of DejaOffice:

  • Time zone management, so when you land your Calendar doesn’t go wonky
  • Calendar Colors that match Outlook
  • Templates that save time entering new Appointments and Tasks
  • Persistent alarms to be sure I don’t miss anything.
  • Recurring tasks compatible with Outlook
  • Optional:  Franklin Covey task priorities  A1, B2, C99
  • Works same on Android and iPhone, Phones and Tablets.

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android: Use CompanionLink for easy and secure sync from Outlook to your Pixel 3a phone. This is a better system than Google, who sells your data, or Microsoft who hosts your data on their exchange server. Here are some setup guides for CompanionLink sync:

CompanionLink for Outlook
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.86 out of 5 based on 577 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $14.95 3-Mo Subs - $49.95 One-time License.

Reserve Galaxy Note 10 for Sync from Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, and Palm Desktop was last updated July 30th, 2019 by Wayland Bruns
Reserve Galaxy Note 10 for Sync from Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, and Palm Desktop was last modified: July 30th, 2019 by Wayland Bruns
Wayland Bruns

Wayland founded CompanionLink in 1987 as The Jorf Company, a maker of shareware 4gl products. As a leading maker of CRM Add-On products, the company started with Sync Products in 1996 for the PalmPilot. As CEO of CompanionLink, Wayland strives to balance quality customer service, products with good value, low prices, and a positive workplace..

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