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Advice to the Remote Team and Their Clients: How to Work Effectively in Different Time Zones?

Today's article will provide you with best practices or advice to successfully cope with working in remote and for international…

5 days ago

Create an Engaging and Interactive Presentation With Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Using creative methods for presenting your information, you can…

1 month ago

How is a Standing Desk Different from Other Tables?

Many office workers have already discovered new opportunities and experienced considerable improvement in their workplace conditions. Continue reading →

8 months ago

How to Make Your Home Office Stylish and Productive

Consider the overall interior when creating a home office. Choose furniture based on the overall color scheme of the room…

8 months ago

Why It’s Important That You Have Fast Home Internet​​

Getting fast home internet is not only convenient - it helps enhance your life in ways that aren't immediately obvious…

8 months ago

Best Way to Add Your Business Line to Your Smartphone

You can either choose a business phone number or migrate your current number. The mobile app gives your personal phone…

9 months ago

Why Forgotten Passwords Cost Company Revenue

Passwords are a necessary part of the online experience. When operating properly they can keep us safe, protecting our valuable…

11 months ago

Cutting Costs When Setting Up a Home Office

These are a few of the ways in which you can cut costs when setting up a home office.  Continue…

11 months ago

How To Ensure That Your Remote Employees Are Actually Working

You need remote employee monitoring software to track the activities of each individual. It is also a good idea to…

11 months ago

5 Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Workspace Productivity

The way that your workplace is set up could be affecting how productive you are on a day-to-day basis. Minimizing…

11 months ago