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Top 5 On-Premise CRM Solutions

On-premise CRM is more desirable for users because of its high level of data protection. Continue reading →

6 months ago

New Way to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook – Automatic and Free

Free, fast and automatic connector for Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with Outlook 365, Microsoft Teams and Outlook.Com Continue reading…

12 months ago

6 quick tips to protect your iPhone

Apple boasts itself for producing devices with high security and privacy standards. But that does not mean that you stop…

1 year ago

To Sync or Not to Sync Your Mobile Devices

To sync or not to sync, that is the question! And it’s one we hear a lot, especially with regard…

1 year ago

Sync Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with your Android and iPhone

DejaOffice is rated 2019 Best Paid Android App for Outlook Sync by Lifewire! The reason is simple.  It is the…

3 years ago

Sync Galaxy Note 10+ with Microsoft Outlook

DejaOffice CRM works like Outlook for your phone. It keeps your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes all together. It remains…

3 years ago

Why DejaOffice PC CRM is the Best CRM for 2019

Every small business person has a PC. This is essential for basic tools like accounting, printing, taxes, regulatory filing, and…

3 years ago

Google Calendar Down – How to sync Outlook without Google

Google Calendar and G-Suite Calendar is experiencing a worldwide outage. This is a great time to remind people that "big…

3 years ago

Is Privacy a Luxury Good?

At CompanionLink we have a simple love for how software used to work. You buy it, you own it. No…

3 years ago

FaceTime Stuck On Connecting: What To Do To Troubleshoot Issues?

Such issues often catch users by surprise, leaving them without connection. This situation can be rather frustrating. What to do…

3 years ago