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Top 5 On-Premise CRM Solutions

On-premise CRM is more desirable for users because of its high level of data protection. Continue reading →

4 months ago

Switch from Exchange to MAPI and Still get an Outlook App on your Android and iPhone

Suddenly, there is an overwhelming reason for corporations to change from Exchange to MAPI. The Hafnium hack of Microsoft Exchange…

1 year ago

DejaOffice 2020 Changes to Edit and View Screens

This week we are releasing changes to DejaOffice PC CRM. A focus of these changes are to shorten the number…

2 years ago

Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) will be Discontinued – Here’s an Alternative!

Outlook Customer Manager was introduced by Microsoft in 2016 as a replacement to Business Contact manager. It sits on top…

2 years ago

Why you need a PC based CRM in 2020

No one can predict what our economy will throw us in 2020. But it seems clear that the last 14…

2 years ago

CompanionLink provides effective alternative for Telexis PHONEslips and Group Scheduler

CompanionLink's DejaOffice PC CRM provides an effective replacement for PHONEslips with Group Scheduling. You can easily import your PHONEslips contacts…

2 years ago

Palm Desktop on Windows 10 – Disappearing Data files – Datebook and Memos

Thousands of people still use Palm Desktop as their primary contact management system. It has the essential features that people…

2 years ago

Affordable CRM for Small Business – DejaOffice PC CRM

Forbes writer Gene Marks has highlighted DejaOffice n an article titled Is A CRM Necessary? And to answer the title…

3 years ago

New in 2019: DejaOffice PC CRM featured in Forbes

If your business can survive on 300 customers, how much better will it be with 600 customers or 900 customers.…

3 years ago

Sync Galaxy Note 10+ with Microsoft Outlook

DejaOffice CRM works like Outlook for your phone. It keeps your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes all together. It remains…

3 years ago