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Personal Qualities Section in a Resume Summary. What to Write?

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Elizabeth March

What do you write in the “Personal qualities” section of your resume, and how seriously do you approach the filling of this particular section? It is possible that the qualities you point to are indeed your key benefits. But before you send your resume next time to your employer, make sure it doesn’t list the same as hundreds of other resumes.

Finding out what others are writing is very easy. On the job site, look in the “Resume” section, and not in the usual “Vacancies”. According to the observations of employees of HR services, about 90% of applicants write the same thing about personal qualities – based on what the employer wants to see in the applicant for the position. In addition, when many people say that they are executive, proactive, have excellent communication skills, a kind of devaluation occurs, and employers stop taking this section of the resume seriously. You can trust resume writing services to do this.

So What Should You Write?

The main thing is not to try to excel just to get attention. The list of personal qualities-advantages should:

a) reflect the characteristics of your character and style of work, which you consider to be your strengths;

b) take into account the specifics of the vacancy. For example, honesty is important for the cashier, attentiveness for the air traffic controller, and for the sales manager the ability to tell about the product so that there is a line for it.

What Qualities can be Noted as Strengths in the Resume?

Systems thinking

We mean by this the ability to see the situation as a whole, to understand what link you, as a specialist, occupy in the general process of production or sale of goods and services. And this is important not only for people applying for leadership positions. It is also useful for the seller to understand what customer demand is and why promotions are held. Systems thinking allows you to make more informed decisions, see the future, be able to determine priorities when making decisions.

Ability to maintain high productivity throughout the working day

It is important for an employer to understand that you radiate energy not only in the morning after a cup of coffee, and not only when you have a brilliant idea. Much more important is consistently high labor productivity, which does not fall after stressful situations or too nourishing lunch.

Ability to adequately perceive criticism and respond to it

This is actually an important quality, and the employer will appreciate if you really have it. The workflow is much more productive if you can listen to criticism and learn from it.

High concentration of attention and the ability not to be distracted by personal affairs during the working day

The employer is unlikely to make the employee happy with the bonus, who now and then speaks with family members on a cell phone or tweets and posts on social networks. Emphasize that at work you are only doing work – and you will benefit.

Ability to provide information (proposals, reports, results of analytical work) in an accessible and visual form.

The leader has to look through many sources of information, and how much information is presented in them determines how much time the leader will spend to study the material and see the “grain” in it. Therefore, the ability to present information, to present it in a structured manner, without “water”, using diagrams, pictures is an absolute advantage.


Do a little self-analysis and look for the answer to the question: «How do I compare favorably with the specialists of my profile? What special qualities do I have?» Writing a resume, and let it work for a successful job search!

Personal Qualities Section in a Resume Summary. What to Write? was last updated July 30th, 2021 by Elizabeth March
Personal Qualities Section in a Resume Summary. What to Write? was last modified: July 30th, 2021 by Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March

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Published by
Elizabeth March

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