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DejaOffice 1.11.9 Update Brings “File As” to Android

DejaOffice has supported sorting contacts by the “File As” field for some time. Until now, however, that field was not viewable or editable within DejaOffice – it was something you had to deal with in Outlook. With the release of DejaOffice 1.11.9, we’re bringing the File As feature to Android. You can now view, edit, and sort by the File As field on your Android phones and tablets. I’m sure there are quite a few Outlook users who will appreciate this!

In addition to File As, we’ve added and improved a number of features, as well as elimtinated a handful of bugs. Full release notes are included after the break.

DejaOffice v1.11.9 for Android Release Notes

– added custom alarm times to default alarm/snooze options and to snooze time list for alarm notifications
– added ability to remove task alarms
– improved “Phone” account detection for most Samsung devices (1 or more records must exist in the Phone account)
– added File As field to DejaContacts edit screens (defaults to Last, First for new contacts)
– DejaContacts list view now displays the contacts middle initial if filled in
– fixed an issue where weekly recurring events on Fridays defaulted to Saturdays
– fixed an issue where you were unable to tap a calendar record in tablet mode to view it after switching orientation
– fixed changing orientation issues for recurrence patterns when in edit mode
– users should now be prompted when syncing the same Wi-Fi sync profile with a new device (CompanionLink build 4046 required)
– fixed issues when excluding calendar categories syncing with the native Android calendar
– fixed an issue where DejaCalendar week and day view may crash if week number is enabled
– DejaOffice will now warn a user if their SD card is almost full
– when searching from within a certain DejaOffice app, that apps search results will show at the top of the search results
– fixed an issue where tasks due tomorrow may show when filtering using Show Today
– fixed an issue where changing the color for No Category would be reverted after syncing
– users should now be prompted when moving their DejaOffice database to a new device if they have switched devices
– fixed an issue where selecting a record in DejaTasks, DejaMemos and DejaExpenses, would return the screen to the top of the list
– fixed issues where DejaOffice would not update the Android calendar after a sync

DejaOffice 1.11.9 Update Brings “File As” to Android was last updated August 1st, 2011 by David Z
DejaOffice 1.11.9 Update Brings “File As” to Android was last modified: August 1st, 2011 by David Z
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