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Improve Tracking And Reporting For Building Maintenance Teams With These Tips

To help building maintenance teams improve their tracking and reporting processes, here are some tips that they can follow. Continue reading →

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Nora Sbalckiero

Building maintenance is critical to facility management, ensuring that buildings are safe and functional for occupants. Building maintenance teams have various responsibilities, including inspections, repairs, and maintenance tasks.

However, keeping track of all these tasks, particularly in large buildings with multiple pieces of equipment across several floors, can take time and effort. Efficient tracking and reporting systems help monitor maintenance tasks, identify issues, and make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.

To help building maintenance teams improve their tracking and reporting processes, here are some tips that they can follow.

1. Use A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

This business monitoring tool helps to build maintenance teams manage and track maintenance tasks. It provides a centralized platform where maintenance teams can create work orders, schedule tasks, and track progress. For instance, this janitorial inspection software helps organizations optimize their cleaning management system with its evaluation, reporting, and data analytics features.

Besides improving efficiency and productivity, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help building maintenance teams reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs. The software can generate reports that help identify issues before they become major problems, allowing owners and managers to make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. Application maintenance services provide automatic tracking and reminders which can keep things running smoothly.

2. Train Your Employees

Additionally, organizations might need to train employees in using different technologies and integrating them into their daily maintenance tasks. In such cases, it’s better to contact FTIservices for managed IT and similar companies to discuss how to upgrade, operate, and maintain these technologies.

Besides using software and other technologies, building maintenance crew members must undergo different types of training to perform their tasks well. Foremost to these are safety protocols and best practices to ensure they’re working safely and efficiently.

3. Internet Of Things And Augmented Reality

Internet of things (IoT) sensors are becoming increasingly popular in building maintenance and can help improve tracking and reporting processes. IoT sensors can monitor equipment performance, detect issues, and provide real-time data on equipment status.

Augmented reality (AR) provides building maintenance teams real-time information about the building and equipment, including maintenance history. This information can help teams identify issues quickly and decide the best course of action moving forward. AR-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and AR software can be used to provide the required data.

4. Implement a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance involves performing regular maintenance tasks to prevent equipment failure and prolong its lifespan. Its main goal is to reduce downtime, increase equipment reliability, and save money on repairs.

Building maintenance teams can create a schedule that includes routine inspections, cleaning, and repairs. The first step is to identify equipment requiring regular maintenance and keep track of equipment history to identify patterns and confidently decide about booking maintenance schedules, repairs, or replacements.

5. Use Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be valuable for building maintenance teams, especially those always on the go, like property managers. Like CMMS software, maintenance personnel can access work orders, track progress, and communicate with other members using mobile apps. They can also help teams document maintenance tasks by taking photos and videos, which can be useful for reporting and record-keeping.

6. Implement A Barcode System

Building maintenance teams can implement a barcode system to improve their tracking and reporting tasks. A barcode system can provide a simple and efficient way to track equipment, inventory, and maintenance tasks.

For example, maintenance technicians can scan a barcode on a piece of equipment to access maintenance manuals, update work orders, and report on equipment status. This helps maintenance teams stay organized, reduce paperwork, and improve communication between team members.

7. Choose A Cloud-Based System

Building maintenance teams can also use a cloud-based system to improve their tracking and reporting tasks. A cloud-based system can provide real-time access to maintenance data, allowing maintenance teams to track, update, and report maintenance tasks anywhere with an internet connection.

8. Optimize Data Analytics

Building maintenance teams can harness the power of data analytics to improve their tracking and reporting processes. By analyzing data, maintenance teams can identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

They can also use data analytics to predict equipment failures and plan building maintenance tasks accordingly. This method, called predictive maintenance, is responsible for increasing equipment uptime while reducing overall maintenance costs.


The tips above can help building maintenance teams save time, money, and other resources on maintenance and repairs while ensuring that buildings are well-maintained and safe for occupants. Using the tools and methods mentioned above, building maintenance teams can improve their tracking and reporting processes, making their jobs easier and more effective.

Ultimately, a more efficient building maintenance monitoring system can minimize downtime, keep the building safe, and optimize the facility’s functions while reducing costs.

Improve Tracking And Reporting For Building Maintenance Teams With These Tips was last updated March 14th, 2024 by Nora Sbalckiero
Improve Tracking And Reporting For Building Maintenance Teams With These Tips was last modified: March 14th, 2024 by Nora Sbalckiero
Nora Sbalckiero

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