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GPU Rental – An Immense Hashing Power at the Fraction of the Price!

There’s only one thing between you and your dream plans - access to an adequate amount of processing power. Continue reading →

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Are you planning to build your own machine-learning projects? Or maybe you’re a scientist, using in your work multiple mathematical models and performing advanced calculations – or a 3D artist? There’s only one thing between you and your dream plans – access to an adequate amount of processing power. That’s where the idea of renting a dependable GPU comes in!

How Does a GPU Server Renting work?

The possibilities we have at our fingertips these days are breathtaking. Think of that: not that many years ago you would most certainly have had to win the coveted academic position to be even able to start a cutting-edge artistic or mathematical project.

But not today. Today the strongest GPU server rental is at your fingertips. Between your access to its hashing power and all that it entails are just a few steps. Create an account of the server rental web page such as HashMarket and make sure your account has sufficient funds.

Then go to the Marketplace and browse the GPUs available. Choose one that’s most suitable for your particular needs and that’s it – that’s all! You’re now able to employ the power of your rented GPU server in any and all projects you like, and you didn’t need to buy several NVIDIAs for that.

Your rented GPU server will harness the strongest GPU units on the market (as well as a bit of the CPU) to make everything you can think of a reality. And to make it even more efficient, you may also want to rent a dedicated server, which you won’t need to share with other users on the Web. That way you make sure all this delicious hash power will remain only at your service, whenever you need it.

Why is Renting a GPU Server the Best Option?

We all know the metaphors such as “at the speed of light”. Well, let’s put it this way: when you employ the GPU server power to help you build your projects, this metaphor instantly becomes reality. The computational power you have available, known also as the hashing power, is simply unimaginably huge!

But you already know that. What you might not know, especially if you’re just starting and this is your first-time project, is that you’ll most probably need several GPU configurations in order for testing what works best for your particular circumstances.

And buying one GPU server is an incredible cost, not to mention the upfront payment and the configuration of the additional ones if the first isn’t enough! But when you decide to rely on the servers available to you from the companies that lease GPU power, you’re good to go – and paying only for the hours you actually use it.

GPU Rental – Cost-Efficient or Not?

The answer isn’t complicated: rent it, don’t buy it. Unless you’re an extremely serious NLP model trainer who feeds it data even in his sleep, it’s inevitable – there will be frequent times when your own private GPU server will just sit there, doing nothing.

With GPU server rental on the other hand, you pay for what you use, and nothing else. The GPU rental companies on the market are heavily competing with each other, which means good news for you – the prices for the lease are continuously going down!

Let’s use an example: imagine you need to use your GPU server for 6 hours a week to render your art. Even with on-demand prices from the Hashmarket, that will require you to pay a bill of $9.66 US. In 2023, that’s a steal – you can’t even get a decent meal in the restaurant with that!

But what if you bought and put together your own GPU server? An NVIDIA station will cost no less than $170,000, not including all the additional required hardware. Trust us – by using a rented GPU server, you save yourself an insane amount of money, hassle and maintenance time. Try it today!

GPU Rental – An Immense Hashing Power at the Fraction of the Price! was last updated March 27th, 2023 by Preston White
GPU Rental – An Immense Hashing Power at the Fraction of the Price! was last modified: March 27th, 2023 by Preston White
Preston White

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