6 Tips To Successfully Promote Your Events On Social Media

The 6 event promotion tips discussed in this blog will help you create an effective social media strategy for promoting your events and maximizing its reach and impact. Continue reading →

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Are you tired of hosting events that fail to attract enough audience? It might be because you failed to generate buzz around the event. 

In today’s digital age, social media can be a powerful tool to promote your events and reach a wider audience. However, simply posting about your event on social media isn’t enough to guarantee success. You need to create a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your event goals and target audience.

The 6 event promotion tips discussed in this blog will help you create an effective social media strategy for promoting your events and maximizing its reach and impact.

1. Leverage The Benefits Of A Facebook Event Page For Promotion

Facebook offers various features for promotional activities, and Facebook Events Page is one of them. These pages help create announcements and invitations for both your online and in-person events, allowing brands to advertise free of cost. 

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Events is that they help set alerts for the event. So whenever someone clicks on “Going” or “Interested” on the event, there are more chances of people from their network checking it out. Potential attendees can even share the event link in other Facebook groups. 

To promote your event on the Facebook event page, start by crafting a unique name for your event with a compelling cover image to attract your followers. Add the event location, ticket links (with discount codes), and the profile links of your guests on your Facebook Events Page. 

You can also use the live stream feature on the Facebook Events Page to promote your webinar. You can start a Facebook Live to connect with your followers and share details and insights about your webinar to make them more interested. 

2. Approach Influencers To Stir Event Hype

Event planners can hugely benefit by collaborating with influencers to fill in the content gaps in their event content schedule and drive registrations.

Collaborating with influencers on social media gives your event great exposure because it helps you reach a vast audience and increase your event visibility. This is because influencers have a grassroots-level reach and a high engagement rate as they better know their audience’s interests.

But randomly approaching social media influencers won’t work! Collaborate with the ones resonating with your event purpose and discuss your promotion strategies with them. Encourage the influencers to share your event information on their social handles using the infographic template you provided to build momentum and excitement around it. 

3. Use Instagram Countdown Stories

One of the best ways to use Instagram Countdown Stories is to add an event registration link along with the event’s location in the Stories, as it can drive sign-ups and registrations.

Viewers who choose the “Remind me” option will receive a reminder when the countdown ends. They can also share the countdown on their own Instagram Story, thus creating awareness about your event within their community. Your job as an event planner is to make these countdown Stories interesting enough to make your followers turn on the reminders and share in their network. 

4. Create Your Own Event Hashtags

Creating a unique hashtag increases event visibility and audience engagement and encourages conversations around it. Due to the hashtag’s uniqueness, it doesn’t get shielded by the hoard of irrelevant hashtags on social media. 

Craft your event hashtag in a way that it’s short, crisp, easy to find, and relevant to your social event. Ensure these hashtags resonate with the event essentials, including the brand name, occasion, theme, mood, purpose, or target audience. 

You can use social media analytics tools to track and analyze your event hashtag’s performance and gauge its reach and effectiveness.

5. Build Audience Interest With Short Teasers From Previous Events

Include using teasers as a part of your promotional strategy to create awareness around your event on social media. Sharing teasers on social media can give your target attendees attractive and useful event information, which may encourage them to register. Event teasers help your audience decide whether it is worth attending the event or not. 

To build excitement around the event, share some of the most exciting moments from your previous event that appeal to your fans and build anticipation around new ones. You can also introduce your guest speakers and release small interview bites to entice your attendees. Including captivating photos captured by a professional event photographer can significantly enhance the visual appeal of these teasers. Teasers will give your audience an idea of what’s waiting for them, thus encouraging them to register for your event. 

Event planners can generate curiosity and anticipation around the big day with teasers.

6. Emphasize On Previous Year Post Event Survey

If you want to advance your event promotion, asking people about their experience with the previous event is important. Try to conduct survey on the previous event before promoting your current one on social media. 

The feedback will help you analyze the previous event performance, incorporate newer strategies and eliminate the ones that didn’t work. You can also highlight testimonials from the previous event to make attendees interested in the current one. 

Previous years’ post-event surveys help event planners keep track of people’s perceptions of the event and are a great way to measure its overall success. 

To enhance the overall event experience and create a sense of community among attendees, you can create an online community where your event attendees can share their experiences, ask questions, and provide feedback. Such communities can also be used to promote your future events as well. Use community management tools to manage your event communities by moderating the conversations, analyzing the sentiments of participants, and improving communication with attendees. 


If done right, promoting your events on social media can be a highly effective way to reach a wider audience, increase registrations, and invite more guests. Social media automation tools can make your event promotion efforts on social media even more effective by saving time and ensuring that your social media posts are scheduled and shared at optimal times for maximum engagement. These tools can help you promptly respond to comments and messages from attendees to maintain a high level of engagement and build trust with your audience. 

With the event promotion tips outlined in this blog, you can develop a strong advertising strategy to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Start using these effective tips today to kick-start your event promotion and see your registrations touch the roof!

6 Tips To Successfully Promote Your Events On Social Media was last updated February 27th, 2024 by Nishtha Uppal
6 Tips To Successfully Promote Your Events On Social Media was last modified: February 27th, 2024 by Nishtha Uppal
Nishtha Uppal

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