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RSAT Alternative Tool

RSAT or Regression Suite Automation Tool is the official Microsoft solution for automated testing of Microsoft ERP apps and components. Continue reading →

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RSAT or Regression Suite Automation Tool is the official Microsoft solution for automated testing of Microsoft ERP apps and components. Yet, it has a serious competitor which is Executive Automats designed by XPLUS. This article will help you to compare these tools and understand them better.

Installation Process

Even though the installation of RSAT is relatively simple and quick, it requires crucial additional steps. This includes granting access to the DevOps server, LCS and the ERP apps, monitoring connection between this software after updates as well as manual driver updating for RSAT.

After the installation of Executive Automats that takes only 15 minutes, this app can be used without extra actions.

Ease of Usage and Level of Automation

Both RSAT and Executive Automats are using a codeless approach but their design differs a lot.

For example, while you can access the instances of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations directly from Executive Automats and perform test recording, playing and modification, RSAT breaks the process into several steps. Its test scripts are created with a task recorder, but they are stored in LCS. In order to apply the tests to the ERP  app, they first have to be synchronized with the DevOps server which also stores test results.

The testing processes are performed individually using the logs coming from an ERP app. To create separate test versions, you will have to use Excel which is not well-adapted to inserting some crucial testing elements such as loops, try-and-catches or conditional and optional steps. With the limited codeless design of RSAT, only a part of tasks can be automated. Meeting all of the testing needs of your company requires performing some of the processes manually.

Executive Automats has its own integrated editor which allows testers to add any required logic into the scripts which can be updated automatically. This tool supports simultaneous testing processes and offers rich functionality for performance tests simulating peak loads.

Final Costs

Unlike RSAT available to the users of Microsoft ERP apps under the currently used licenses, you will need to pay for Executive Automats separately. Yet, while choosing a testing tool, it is crucial to estimate all of the costs involved into the process. With the maximum testing automation, advanced testing functionality and convenience for the users without technical background, the final costs of Executive Automats are a way smaller.

Do You Really Need an RSAT Alternative Tool?

If you are a user of Microsoft ERP apps, you can use Microsoft RSAT, however, it will automate testing processes only partially and you will still have to reach out for professional expertise. The usage of RSAT itself as well as the delays and disruptions in your ERP app caused by a poorly optimized testing strategy will generate unnecessary costs.

Such a scenario can be easily avoided by deploying Executive Automats, a fully automated tool provided by a Microsoft Gold Partner.

RSAT Alternative Tool was last updated May 17th, 2022 by Lincoln Houseman
RSAT Alternative Tool was last modified: May 17th, 2022 by Lincoln Houseman
Lincoln Houseman

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